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Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System can improve the automation and intelligence level of transportation infrastructure. Based on the Coeus edge AI platform, the road can be monitored through various devices, real-time recording of illegal activities; judgment and warning of road conditions; statistics of traffic flow, prediction of road conditions, intelligent control of signal lights; supervision of traffic participants, extraction and comparison Personnel information, etc.

  • Feature rich

    Analyze traffic, incidents, and violations through core algorithms and derivative models.
  • Reuse of equipment

    Support the intelligent upgrade of old equipment, road monitoring, traffic lights and other equipment.
  • Rapid deployment

    Multi-interface, diversified installation, rapid deployment, no construction required.
  • Remote management

    Support multi-terminal display control, abnormal alarm, asset monitoring, batch management.

Application scenario

It integrates various sensors to monitor and collect the status of people, vehicles and roads, and provides data support for traffic control, trend forecasting, and operation scheduling.

  • Traffic intersection

  • City Road

  • City expressway

  • Parking area

  • Highway

  • Tunnels and Bridges

Core algorithm

  • Target Recognition

    Person and car recognition
  • Target tracking

    Target trajectory tracking
  • Vehicle feature

    Model and color recognition
  • License Recognition

    License plate recognition
  • Behavior analysis

    Human and car behavior analysis
  • Face extraction

    Face location and extraction
  • Feature recognition

    Clothing and color recognition
  • Data structured

    Convert video to text

Practical application

  • Congestion analysis

  • District traffic statistics

  • Signal timing

  • Occupy emergency lane

  • Retrograde

  • Illegal parking

  • Not give way

  • Without helmet

Remote management system

The deployment of edge computers is scattered, and the working environment is harsh, such as being easily disturbed by weather and traffic accidents. We provide a remote management system that can provide functions such as centralized monitoring, abnormal alarms, batch management, etc., to save platform management costs.

  • Management
  • Multi-terminal
  • Screening
  • Script Control