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Technical Support

1 、Application solution

(1) To enable us to provide you with a quick solution, please provide detailed information, including:

● Product name, PCB version, BIOS version, and product serial number (S/N)

●Use peripheral models and specifications

●Application version, including OS and AP test procedures

●Application environment (such as temperature, humidity, and vibration)

●A clear description of the problem, and the problem is reproducible

(2) After we receive the information, the application engineer will reply.

The customer will receive a preliminary response within 4 working hours.

If the service requires an additional charge, the service can only be continued after the customer's confirmation.

(3) Due to the wide range of product applications, we cannot fully prepare all the required software and hardware equipment. In order to provide a simulated environment for the solution, the customer may need to provide the necessary equipment for testing.

(4) The engineer will provide customer-related reports after the problem is finally solved.

(5) The application engineer will contact the customer within 48 hours to confirm whether the provided solution is effective.

If any of the solutions is effective or the customer does not respond after receiving the third verification from the application engineer, the case will be closed.

2、Product quality control

(1) The process of handling product quality problems is the same as the outline of "Application Solutions" above.

(2) If the product needs to be returned to the factory for analysis and repair due to a product failure, after the salesperson makes a repair application, the application engineer will trace the final status of the product.

3 、On-site technical service

(1) The application engineer will contact the customer within 4 working hours after receiving the request to confirm the application environment and problems of the product. Then contact the customer by phone or email to confirm the service charge.

(2) If on-site technical service is necessary, we will confirm with the customer the handling fee, on-site support location, and technical support on-site time.

(3) After completing the on-site support service, the engineer will fill in the technical service form and ask the customer to sign to confirm the completion of the service.

(4) Submit the technical support cost schedule to the customer.

4、Normal technical service request

(1) The application engineer will contact the customer within 4 working hours after analyzing and confirming the problem of the repaired product received.

(2) The repaired product is usually returned to the customer within 3-7 working days.

Maintenance service

Warranty period (subject to the date of shipment)

Outsourcing accessories

For example, monitors, graphics cards, CPUs, memory, hard drives, FDDs, and optical disc drives are subject to a 3-month replacement and 1-year warranty.


For example, the chassis, backplane, power supply, and CPU card have a one-year free warranty. From the second to the third year, service fees are waived, and materials and finished products are charged.

Data acquisition module and intelligent controller

Implement 18 months free warranty. From the second to the third year, service fees are waived, and materials and finished products are charged.


Implement a one-year free warranty, and such products cannot be returned or exchanged.

Warranty period after repair

If the product is within the warranty period, the warranty period will be based on the original warranty period. If the warranty period of the original product is less than 3 months, the warranty period of the product will be extended to 3 months; if the product is not within the warranty period, the warranty for the hardware that is paid for replacement The period is 1 year.

For products that meet the warranty conditions during and outside the warranty period, please indicate the fault phenomenon, use environment, operation and surrounding environment when the fault occurs, and return it to the customer service center for repair.

You can call for consultation 010-80722025

warranty service

During the limited warranty period, the user will send it for repair by himself, and there will be no charge for the first year, and the cost of parts will be charged for the second and third years. If on-site service is required, we will charge a service fee.

Service response time

After receiving the customer's maintenance request, the phone will respond within 4 hours; within 50 kilometers of the designated maintenance organization, the service personnel will arrive at the site within 2 working days; more than 50 kilometers or other special circumstances, the service personnel will actively negotiate with the customer. The maintenance organization's business hours are: every Monday to Friday (except national statutory holidays), 8 hours a day.

Fault repair time

On-site repairs, service personnel try to "repair on the spot." If the parts cannot be repaired on the spot due to shortage of spare parts or complicated conditions, the service personnel will negotiate with the user and bring it back to the company for repair. When users take the initiative to send faulty products for repair, service personnel will try their best to "repair on the spot." Due to the shortage of spare parts or complicated conditions, the repair can not be done on the spot, the service personnel will negotiate with the user to extend the repair time appropriately. In general, the repair will be completed within three working days (excluding logistics time).


Within 15 days after the product is sold, if the host and peripheral products have hardware performance failures, the customer's faulty parts will be replaced with new products.

Spare machine

For customers who cannot stop the machine on site, when the industrial computer purchased by our company fails, we cannot provide the Spare machine.